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Whether you were not able to be in service or you simply left your bulletin at the church, you can download here each week.  The Bulletin is posted every Saturday evening 
/files/My Sample Gallery/Christmas 2_1.pngOur Christian Christmas Heritage
Have you ever wondered what significance the Christmas tree holds, or why we decorate it.  What Santa Clause a historical person?  What effect did Queen Victoria have on our modern Christmas traditions?  Take time to read these articles taken from Christianhistory.org, as they will offer helpful responses to the important questions. 

/files/Downloads/5OT icon.pngUnderstanding the Old Testament
Have you ever found yourself avoid the Old Testament because you felt that you could not understand it?  So many names that you could not pronounce?  So many stories that you did not understand?  After all, isn't it all about Jesus?  We don't need the Old Testament anymore, all we need is Jesus, right?  This series on the Old Testament seeks to dispel such a myth and explain why one cannot understand Jesus or the New Testament without first understanding the Old.